The 57 Article included the message sent to the journalist From New Dehli, The correspondent name no need for names the artilcle he wrote was on 26 March 2021 on Asian Inpedepent News the leading Multimedia news agency in South Asia. My platform is Sylhet Marathon, my do not want to waste to letters promoting his name on this platform. The purpose of me sending this message was to ensure I represent Bangladesh and share my honest response and I am sure the people of Sylhet will agree with me. People from Electric Supply Road will know on 16 December 2019 my work tactics got two areas located near the Electric Supply Road area to improve on levels of communication to the corporate level. Before I copy and paste this message my Bangladeshi associates in England, Bangladesh, France, Qatar, Saudi, USA this message on linkedin is dedicated for our people and the Freedom fighters who sacrificed their life in 1971.

Are you the mastermind writing the article praising Modi visit? If you are the mastermind who wrote that article what evidence do you have Modi won the hearts of Bangladesh. Did you get pen and paper and ask the people of Bangladesh their opinion.

I seen your link advertised on the Journalist brokers platform, then the link was attached to your article. When you wrote that article you finished work went home? What about the 12 peop,e who lost their lives in the protest. Bangladesh 50 years anniverary was supposed to be the memorable day in the country history. Modi being present at the country caused major crisis situation 12 Bangladeshi lives were lost and you write an article praising Modi,

You thought you write the article you had your tracks covered and this article will be forgetten? You taught wrong thanks to the linkedin profile I managed to find your profile to inform you Modi was the reason why major protest happened in Bangladesh. Did you know BBC promoted the correct information 12 lives were lost, you praise Modi for the chances to improve your prospects. and improve your social economic status.

Let me tell you this wake up, the person sending you this message is from London, Ethnicity is Bengali, my family heritage is from Sylhet Bangladesh. Sylhet the birthplace of General Osmani war veteran in World War 2, war veteran of the 1971 war. remember this Sylhet is the land of the freedom fighters, even the foreign born in Western environment represent Sylhet. The Indian City Calcutta, Bangladesh Airlines company has achieved more promoting Calcutta in comparison to all the marketing companies in India.

Remember hashtags Sylhet, Bangladesh, General Osmani. Green for Land, Red for Blood. If I was working for the politicians office I would make sure Modi be on every Bangladeshi politician NOT INVITED LIST, I would make sure there are political campaign promoting MODI NOT WELCOME IN BANGLADESH to raise awareness. There is no need to write sincerely and my name by the time you finish reading this message you will know my name and be aware of my name. I am sure you can read considering you are mastermind who wrote the false article.

Notes – Sylhet Marathon is for real, there is no joke, the people of Sylhet raise your voices and encourage the Foreign Minister to raise his voice in Parliament. Remind the Foreign Minister the Sylhet history. Remind the foreign minister two main airports are named after historic people from Sylhet. Hazrat Shahjalal International, Dhaka and Osmani International Airport, Sylhet. The time in London is 0319am, Sylhet time is 0819am. I hope this article is beneficial. Morale of the story when writing article to insult the neighbouring country integrity there will be the time the journalist is tracked down. THE END


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