Friday 26 March 2021, Bangladesh 50 years independence the day was supposed to be the memorable day in Bangladesh history. Sheikh Hasina Decision resulted in 10 death and numbers of protests nationwide. Friday is Jummah in Bangladesh, offices are closed after Jummah Prayer the protest turned violent. According to BBC 12 died in the protest, the source from new age BD states 10 were killed at the protest. The reason why the violent protest took place was because the daughter of the founder of Bangladesh invited Modi to take part in the country 50 years ceremony.

Modi visited for 48 hours, India is neighbour, Did Sheikh invite Modi or did Modi Invite himself to take in Bangladesh 50 years independence? In January 2021, it was confirmed the Indian Company Serum had vaccine supplies available for Bangladesh. It was confirmed the deal was signed in November 2020 for Bangladesh to be allocated 30 million vaccine (Reuters author Ruma Paul). The Dhaka tribute article states Nawaz Farhin 4 May 2021 states Bangladesh received 7 million vaccine and 3.3 Million was donated by India to Bangladesh as Gesture of Good will. the 3.3 million vaccine donated by India as gift to Bangladesh as a gift? was this Modi tactic to take advantage of Bangladesh? why did he give the 3.3 million vaccine gift to Bangladesh? the largest vaccine India has donated to any country?

The day arrived Bangladesh 50 years independence ceremony, there was two celebrations 26 March 2021 Independence day and the Birthday celebration for 100 years Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 17 March 2021. Mathematical Logic Sheikh Mujib born in 1920 March, In March 2021. There are 101 years age difference. The century celebration should have taken place in March 2020 not March 2021. Hasina logic inviting Modi, before the invite Modi donated 2 million vaccine before the Independence Day started. Him landing in Bangladesh resulted in the 12 Bangladeshi lives lost. What does Modi do day after the ceremony he donates 1.2 million Astra Zeneca doses. Modi decided to donate 1.2 million. Did get the calculate and divide the number 12 by 10 to donate 1.2 million vaccine? Did he use the 1.2 million vaccine to delay the deliveries of the remaining vaccine, Bangladesh Health sector had already received 7 million vaccine doses before the 2 million was donated by India.

Bangladesh people have the right for freedom of speech and their opinions related to current affairs and what is beneficial for the country. Before authorising Modi visit on the nations 50 years anniversary, Did Hasina consider the Bangladesh people opinion rather than her own benefit? There are other nations to invite for example Qatar, Bahrain, Oman out of all the countries Modi promoted as the main guest. Was Hasina scared if she rejected Modi from the invitation list, Bangladesh would lose the vaccine contract? Protest started on Bangladesh 50 years Independence day. Lives were lost and the new Indian Express states “Modi won the hearts of Bangladesh” This is incorrect because of Modi Bangladesh went through Violent Protest resulting in 12 death. The Indian express article was published on 26 March 2021 at 5:35pm India time.

The 12 Bangladeshi lives lost in the Bangladesh 50 years anniversary was because of Sheikh Hasina inviting Modi to Bangladesh? Day after the 50 years Independence Modi donates 1.2 million doses of Astra Zeneca Vaccine. The 30 million was the agreement between Bangladesh Government and Serum India. The 7 million quantity was allocated to Bangladesh, 2 million was supplied before the 50 years independence Ceremony, after the ceremony and 12 lives lost Modi donates 1.2 million. From the 30 million, 3.2 million doses has been donated for free, 10.66% are free there are 19.8 million vaccine doses waiting in the India stockroom to be allocated to Bangladesh.

In May 2021, Bangladesh are in vaccine crisis negotiating with USA and UK. This month Bangladesh recognised Israel when the world are protesting against Israel. In two month Sheikh Hasina made decision for her own benefit. There have been three articles published on the Sylhet Marathon Platform. Bangladesh Government Decision related to Bangladesh removing travel ban to Israel, Bangladesh Vaccine Supply related to vaccine stock availability, Political Science Detective combining the two cases in one article. In relation to Dangerous Decision this is questioning the logic of Sheikh Hasina, I am not sure about the Bangladesh politician opinions the fact I read about Modi winning the hearts of Bangladesh is an insult, why has Sheikh Hasina not raised and protest against the article written by Indian News company.

Calcutta in India is classed as West Bengal, Calcutta is where the Bangladesh national language, India has not promoted Calcutta. The Novoair airlines Bangladesh domestic Airlines have achieved objectives promoting Calcutta in comparison to all the India Marketing companies combined. In England Bangladesh is classed as India? 2021 is Bangladesh victory Day on 16 December 2021, Sylhet Marathon started in 24 April 2021 one man resources is beneficial for the Sylhet City and the Bangladesh network in developed and developing economies. To conclude this, Bangladesh Government should consider listening to the people rather than inviting Modi, another question will India deliver the remaining 19.8 million doses of vaccine? Does Modi have any more bribery Tactics for the Bangladesh Government?


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