Sylhet Government Pilot School

1969 Dhaka University BA in Economics

1971 Dhaka University MA in Development Economics

1976 Central College Dhaka LLB in Law and Jurisprudence

1988 North Eastern University, Boston, Massachusetts PhD in Economics


1973 – 1974 Minister of Rural Development, Local Government and Co Operatives

1974 – 1975 Minister of Trade and Commerce, Minister of Mineral Resources, Minster of Petroleum

1975 – 1976 Minister of Commerce Section Officer for South Asia, East Asia and Middle East

1976 – 1978 President Advisor on Trade and Commerce

1981 – 1997 Lecturer (1) Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (2) North Eastern University, Boston, USA (3) Massachusetts Institution of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (4) University of Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (5) Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts, USA (6) Salem State College, Salem, Massachusetts, USA (7) Cambridge College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

1981 – 1997 Junior Economist/Researcher (1) World Bank, Washington, USA (2) Harvard Institute for International Development, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (3) United Nations Development Programme, New York, USA

1998 – 2003 Economic Advisor Saudi Industrial Development Fund, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2003 – 2009 Lecturer Economics and Business Administration Framingham State College, Boston Massachusetts, USA

2009 – 2010 Bangladesh Representative, United Nations, New York, USA

2010 – 2015 President UNICEF Executive Board International Level, Vice President and Acting President at the 67TH United Nations General Assembly

2014 – 2018 Bangladesh United Nations President, United Nations New York, USA

2019 – Present Foreign Minister Dhaka, Bangladesh

2019 – Present Member of Parliament, Awami League Sylhet, Bangladesh

The purpose of presenting the information related to the foreign Minister is to remind them of what they have achieved representing Sylhet. Academic Journey started from Sylhet, Bangladesh. Sylhet has the potential to develop partnership with the state of Massachusetts, USA. This will be beneficial for the Education consultants, IELTS Centres and the British Council. Abul Kalam Abdul Momen education portfolio will attract the next generation Sylhetis to Study subjects related to Economics, Law, Politics, International Development, International Trades.

International Trades there are potential for Sylhet to develop network in Riyadh for the gateway access to the Middle East. Gateway into Middle East will help Bangladesh Government manage resources without relying on India. After Reading the Article in relation to the Independence Day protest in Bangladesh, the India Journalist wrote Modi won Bangladesh people heart, this is an insult, researching the foreign Minister background he will be aware of the Sylhet Marathon Platform. The Sylhet Marathon platform is encouraging him to learn from his mistakes and remind him he represents Sylhet. This will encourage him to raise his voice and disagree with the decisions the Prime Minister makes.

I hope this article is beneficial for the Sylhet communities in Developed and Developing Economies.


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