In the past 24 hours, Bangladesh requesting vaccine from UK and USA this was announced on BBC news on the early hours of Sunday at the UK am section. Friday 21 May 2021 at 1130pm UK time, 0430am 22 May 2021 Bangladesh time zone the article states Bangladesh urges UK for 1.6 Million Astra Zeneca Jabs. In the UK, this was published 30 minutes before 22 May 2021 Midnight arrived. The Dhaka Tribune article states Bangladesh seeking the shares of USA vaccine portfolio. The foreign minister was in communication with USA. The Dhaka Tribute Journalist published the article on 28 April 2021 at 2101 Bangladesh Time, in London the time was 1601 before the rush hour starts.

Article from Dhaka Tribute Journalist name Humayun Kabir Bhuiyan, the mastermind writing this article states Bangladesh seeks share of USA 60 Million vaccine doses. Humayun Bhuiyan did not mention the quantities of Vaccine Dosage Bangladesh requires. I mention in the Bangladesh vaccine project, morale of the story Bangladesh government need to take responsibility for ensuring medical vaccines are available. The daily start article published on 18 May 2021 at 1809 Bangladesh Time, 1309 London time states Bangladesh seeks vaccine from Canada, Bangladesh request 2 Million vaccine from Canada. The daily star does not state the journalist name does not state the journalist name, Major mistake by the Dhaka Journalist. This article states an major statement.

The government of Bangladesh and the Beximco Pharmaceuticals worked in partnership to sign the deal with Serum Institute for 30 million doses of Astra Zeneca to be produced for the country. Deal was 30 million was supposed to be allocated to Bangladesh, only 10.2 million doses have been supplied from India. Bangladesh was on the UK red list before India, Borris Johnson praises Bangladesh and then puts the country on the red list what does that make him? In relation to the resources allocated, where are the 19.8 million doses. From last month until now Bangladesh have been seeking vaccine from developed economies.

When I stated morale of the story Bangladesh need to manage their own resources rather than allocating the resource responsibility for to the neighbours. Seeking vaccine from USA, UK, Canada what is the world coming to? Bangladesh 50 years anniversary should progress, Bangladesh is the Top Four in the Garments Industry. In the UK, western society do not recognise Bangladesh curry houses, Bangladesh is always classed as Indian restaurant, my advice to the western market is smell the coffee those food you call Indian is Bangladeshi cuisine, Green and Red colours represent the nations flag.

In this present day, the was numbers of sources stating Bangladesh Government working with Israel. This makes perfect sense, Bangladesh requesting vaccine from UK and USA and Bangladesh working with Israel. The question is, are Bangladesh Government working with Israel to get access to the unlimited supply of Astra Zeneca Vaccines? Are Bangladesh Government working with Israel to persuade to supply the vaccine? Bangladesh is supposed to be the land of the freedom fighters, the country needs to wake up, Sylhet citizen this is your chance to protest and raise awareness. To my people in Sylhet, raise your voices and promote Sylhet and 2021 is the year Sylhet will be taken seriously.

To conclude the Political Science article, I have not included references for the articles for Dhaka Tribute and Daily Star Bangladesh, I am promoting Sylhet Marathon.


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