Bangladesh is running out of the covid vaccines, the neighbours India is at the centre of the Pandemic. 2021 Bangladesh and 16 December the main event is approaching soon. The Vaccine low in stock, the vaccine is in demand, in the past months Bangladesh vaccine supplies was from India. Why are India managing Bangladesh vaccine supply when Bangladesh are Independent nation. Independent nation means the country should have their own supply of vaccine from the manufacture rather than being allocated vaccine from the neighbouring countries.

The Bangladesh 50 years anniversary on 26 March 2021, the Millennium Eye, South Bank in London was in Green and Red Colours. Green for land, Red for blood sacrificed for the lives sacrificed by our people to form the nation of Bangladesh. When the Millennium Eye was in Green and Red colours did the UK Government remember Bangladesh? Do the people of the UK realise Indian Food Sector is in demand because of the Bangladeshi determination to keep the Indian Food Sector generate revenue to contribute to the country taxation income. Get this fact right, there is no Indian Food sector the sector is Bangladesh Food Sector. When Bangladesh is remembered our country get put on the red list for travel from the UK Government.

Borris Johnson shows his appreciation to Bangladesh, the question is why is India allocating the vaccine to Bangladesh? why has the Bangladesh not requested to work in partnership with Astra Zeneca at the first stages? Bangladesh is in South Asia, India is in South Asia? UK Government allocating Bangladesh vaccine supply to India, was this the plot to supply Bangladesh less resources? Was this Bangladesh Government to reduce their responsibility in managing the health care resources?

This morning news announced the Bangladesh Government is requesting USA and UK for vaccine supply. the question is where has the government been all these months is raising their voices for vaccine supply. Morale of story, take further responsibility to ensure the medical supplies are available for the country.

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