Reference Gilad Cohon states Bangladesh removes Travel Ban to Israel. The Bangladesh Government making decision without asking the option of the public. This is Bangladesh 50 Years independence and 16 December Victory Day approaching. 16 December, 50 years of the Birth of Bangladesh. Land of the Freedom fighters Bangladesh went through the same struggle in 1971, the situation in Palestine the Government are expected to have the understanding not to form ties with Israel.

Why form ties with Israel when there have been network formed in Singapore, Japan, UAE. I am not educated in prestige environment like the Bangladesh Government, is this the correct logic for our People? will this benefit our people? Is the Bangladesh Government looking at their own infrastructure benefits? The land of the freedoms fighters the question is do the Bangladesh government represent Patrism?

Sylhet Marathon the number one website in Sylhet for Informative Information, I request Sylhet City Corporate to raise awareness. The reason Sylhet is not being taken seriously is because the public focusses on Sylhet Drama rather than focussing on current affairs. Numbers of lockdown happening. Sylhet City Corporation raise your voices and focus on current affairs in the decision the government is making. 2021 this is the year Sylhet is taken seriously by the developed economies.

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