Today Uber Taxi was my transports to Travel Route A to Route B. The hectic traffic started at the Kensington Area. I realised there was numbers of Map Applications, I realised one of the App started the WES Drivers Application. When I seen the Driver Map application I realised Taxi Sector has changed since the Uber entered the England Market. The closure of Taxi offices, Tradition Black Taxis decline in Revenue. Uber has caused closure of Taxi bases in the Global Market. In London, Traditional Black Taxi revenue decline this must mean the Traditional Yellow Cabs in New York are declining.

Reason why Uber entered the Market from 2015, this was they seen the opportunity to take advantages of the economies of scale. The questions of Taxi offices should ask themselves, Have they been trained to cover the knowledge of the London locations? How do they maintain the existing consumer database? Should their taxi controller take on further responsibility in researching the locations rather than processing order to allocate drivers to Location A. Markets say the Taxi sector is finished, market analyst say the same. From my opinion there are always options to eliminate Uber Taxi Application from the London Market.

The consumers rely on applications, how many GB is used annually for the Uber application stored on the phone? Is it really worth using uber application? what is the difference between calling the local taxi office and Uber application? How many more years will the Uber application be used? What are the consequences taxi offices face today? Did you know numbers of entreprenuers built their company reputation for years are now out of work because of the application? How long is the waiting time to resolve the issue with Uber in comparison to the local taxi office?

Uber has the application for the consumers, Uber driver use Google Map and Wes driving application. Taxi Drivers working for Taxi offices use the same application as the Uber Drivers. Avoiding Uber will save GB on the mobile phone data and will be beneficial for local taxi bases. If the local taxi bases develop, this will create employment in the taxi sector and Uber will become the distance memory. Uber has had the moments of success between 2015 and 2021. The start of June 2021 is approaching, the consumers have two options. Option 1 support Uber and waste GB of data? Support the local taxi offices and help the economy develop further. There area always options for the Taxi bases in London to maximise trades, I know the correct options, the question is have the Taxi bases nationwide and international looked at the correct options?


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